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flairdrum goes africa

Create new values from so called “trash”.  Where does it make more sense than on the african continent? For that matter its more than about music, its about self-determination, creativity, hope and courage. With your support the Strong Roots Projekt can happen.

For you

From now on you have the unique possibility to play on your own Airdrum!

Some characteristica on a first climpse:

  • A unique instrument, totally self-made
  • An acoustic pleasure with unique characteristics (e.g. ideal for street musicians)
  • Good transposable and quickly dismountable (weight: approx. 2kg)
  • Robust and suitable for all weather conditions (holder in stainless steel)
  • Airtight with consistent tune (note: deeper notes are weather sensitive, especially when changing from sunshine to cloudy weather)
  • Each bottle can be tuned quickly and conveniently with a bicycle pump (range of frequencies: approx. from A3 to C6)
  • Items can be quickly replaced and easily repaired (bottles and valves available everywhere)
  • If desired also available with colored bottles

Are you interested? Then contact me

3D-Model for the observant viewer


The Flairdrum is ideal to build and make music together. Are you interested in a workshop? Then feel free to contact me.

To build

The Flairdrum can be made entirely of recycled and commonly available materials. Thus, a full-fledged instrument can be built cost-effectively and with little effort. The construction process is a lot of fun and teaches basic craft skills with a result that stands for itself. Everyday objects are brought into a new context and create a new experience. A really sensual experience.

Making music together

The Flairdrum is ideal for making music together, because there is no advanced musical knowledge required. Similar to the xylophone, the Airdrum fosters quick success through the tuned tones and short sound duration. Even without knowledge of special techniques (fingers, tongue, etc), it can be used in a variety of ways after a short time.

Once vibrated, the bottles exert an attraction that is hard to resist. Try it!

The 5-bottle version
Example1: Workshop in a community

Example2: Sound workshop at the New Healing Festival 2018

The 1-bottle version
Example1: Workshop with pupils

Example2: Workshop with educators during a project week