With applying air pressure, a simple PET bottle can create an astonishingly clear and brilliant sound. The ingenious thing about it: The bottle is a sound generator and sound box in one. The higher the pressure, the higher the surface tension of the bottle and thus the higher the tone. Thus, out of so called “waste” a unique instrument is born: the flairdrum


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On Stage

Take a break and a deep breath …
The flairdrum invites you to a new experience.

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Create new values from so called “trash” and building a musical instrument on your own? With a sound that lets the air vibrate? The flairdrum makes it possible: from recycled and generally accessible materials, a full-fledged instrument with a unique character and high attraction is created. And best of all: its ideal to build it yourself and make music together!

So do you want something special for the next project days in your school, the workshop space at your festival or the next team building event in your job?

Possible learning goals

The DrumOnAir workshop encompasses a broad spectrum of possible and essential learning objectives and can therefore stimulate decisive change processes for the individual or the group (depending on the client’s wishes, different accents can be set here):

Version 1: Build your own KlangPET
The focus in this format is on building together. At the end of an exciting construction process, the participants are the proud owners of a full-fledged instrument, the KlangPET (flairdrum with 5 bottles). Afterwards, an introduction to playing and playing songs together is possible.

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« 1 of 2 »

Version 2: The Bottle-Orchestra
The focus here is on making music in a group. The construction process is significantly shortened and includes 1-2 bottles + 1 mallet per participant. Afterwards, there will be an intense session on playing together. The possible implementation here is very similar to those of boomwhakers.

Version 3: The Soundcircle
As part of a project week, a group of max. 15 participants will build a sound circle and play music together.


Sound of the flairdrum


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