flairdrum community

"I’m very fond of using new timbres and exploring different tonal and microtonal tunings, that haven’t been very explored before. The flairdrum fits perfectly in that category" - Ramón Hernández, Musician of Anatomize
“I like odd instruments and I want to make them known, at least to a certain extent. The most special thing I did with the flairdrum is recording a piece called Flair Ditty for my Music Project Anatomize. The flairdrum is completely alone during the intro making an African groove and is latter accompanied by several percussion instruments. Then the flairdrum makes way for an oboe and a harmonica to join and later becomes a rock song, with electric guitars, bass, drums and Synthesizers, along with the oboe introduced before; during the end the flaridrum is still included in the piece, so it’s a very prominent part of the composition. It has 23000 views on YouTube so I’m pretty proud of that.”


"When I show the instrument to the children for the first time, they all widen their eyes and are amazed. Everyone wants to try it out right away" - Nicole Knorr, Music teacher
“I think it's amazing that you can build such a great instrument out of a recycled product. I like the sound color very much and it doesn't need any advanced playing experience. You can start right away. It's also great that you can order the "bottles" from Daniel in the color of your choice (in my case the Boomwhackers color code). I mainly use the flairdrum in my musical (pre-)school groups to show that you can also make music from other materials. The children are always enthusiastic.”


"I play the flairdrum mainly to relax and improvise" - David Möhring, Musician of GlasBlasSing
“I play the flairdrum mainly to relax and improvise. Occasionally I also use it for street music. In the future it may also be used on stage with my band GlasBlasSing.”