flairdrum 12l

With applying air pressure, a simple PET bottle can create an astonishingly clear and brilliant sound. The ingenious thing about it: The bottle is a sound generator and sound box in one. The higher the pressure, the higher the surface tension of the bottle and thus the higher the tone. Thus, out of so called “waste” a unique instrument is born: the flairdrum

The flairdrum 12l is the compact version with 12 keys (e.g. for diatonic or pentatonic tuning) which is more clear and ideal to travel with.

  • A unique instrument from our own manufactory
  • 12 Keys
  • Easily tunable
  • Range: from A3 to C6
  • Warm, soft sound with brilliant highs and dynamic response
  • Robust and suitable for all weather conditions (lasered frame made of 3mm stainless steel, sound body made of PET)
  • Can be dismantled into 3 parts and easily transported
  • Modular design which can be repaired yourself
  • 100% recycled bottles
  • Weight: approx. 2kg (without stand)
  • Length: about 145cm
  • 2 mallets, Stand and 3 feet included
  • 5% of the proceeds goes to social projects with people with disabilities