For you

From now on you have the unique possibility to play on your own Airdrum!

Some characteristica on a first climpse:

  • A unique instrument, totally self-made
  • An acoustic pleasure with unique characteristics (e.g. ideal for street musicians)
  • Good transposable and quickly dismountable (weight: approx. 2kg)
  • Robust and suitable for all weather conditions (holder in stainless steel)
  • Airtight with consistent tune (note: deeper notes are weather sensitive, especially when changing from sunshine to cloudy weather)
  • Each bottle can be tuned quickly and conveniently with a bicycle pump (range of frequencies: approx. from A3 to C6)
  • Items can be quickly replaced and easily repaired (bottles and valves available everywhere)
  • If desired also available with colored bottles

Are you interested? Then contact me

3D-Model for the observant viewer