Kit flairdrum_12l_stage


Kit for the flairdrum 12l_stage
12 tones, warm and gentle, ideal for on the stage with tripod
precisely tunable, recycled and unique

Delivery time: 8-12 weekdays


This kit contains all parts for building a flairdrum 12l_stage yourself. The construction is easy and intuitiv (incl. construction manual).

The flairdrum 12l_stage combines all the qualities of this unique instrument:

  • 12 Keys (e.g. for diatonic or pentatonic tuning)
  • Robust and suitable for all weather conditions (lasered rack made of 3mm stainless steel, sound body made of PET)
  • Can be dismantled into 3 parts and easily transported
  • Modular design with exchangeable parts
  • with approx. 2kg a lightweight (without stand)
  • Easily and precisely tunable
  • Range: from A3 to C6
  • Warm, soft sound with brilliant highs and dynamic response
  • 2 mallets included
  • comes with a height-adjustable tripod, ideal for the stage and for playing in an upright sitting position and for standing (height (attack): ca. 75 – 125 cm, can be shortened at will, weight: ca. 2,4kg)
  • Length: about 145cm
  • 100% recycled bottles
  • From our own manufactory
  • Recommended together with the backpack (for flairdrum 12l)


  • Dimensions: Standard screw cap MVA (28mm)
  • Auto valve (AV) with external thread
  • rubber washer (30mm), washer, small rubber washer (12mm), hexagon nut (special thread), hood (with screw device for valve inserts)
  • Cap comes in individual parts to assemble yourself (see Pic 2)


  • incl. 2 wooden balls as connecting elements
  • with small bar for addittional strengthening
  • Total length: approx. 142cm


  • Height (attack): ca. 75 – 125 cm (can be shortened at will)
  • Pole top diameter: 38 mm
  • Weight: approx. 2.4 kg
  • Space-saving transportation due to the ability to be completely folded up


  • 100% recycled and collected in a supplier network
  • Must be dried by yourself and removed from the label

Tools required

  • M12 spanner