About me

Three strands run like a thread through my life.
First, of course, making music. Making music is the central way for me to express my creativity, intuition and dedication.
The second strand is woven by my love for simplicity and the careful handling of nature’s gifts. This site expresses itself in many ways, for example in my attempt for a decelerate and simple lifestyle, in my studies of geography and my long-term work in the field of climate change.
Finally, the third strand consists of my search and longing for relation, for connection and meaning. When lookoing inwardly Im impressed by West-Eastern philosophy and practice, especially Zen, as well as by holistic thinkers like Jiddu Krishnamurti, Ken Wilber and Erich Fromm.
But connectedness to the world can only be experienced in relation to the other person. This insight is expressed, for example, in my many years of work with people with disabilities and, not least, in my further education as an adventure pedagogue.

The flairdrum finally manages to hit several bridges here. Between music and simplicity, between the experience and the common, as well as between the creation of new connections and the gift to inspire and touch me and others again and again. I experience this as a gift every day and I am happy to share this more and more with you through concerts and workshops.

See you soon

–> Kurzvita